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Energy Saving Ideas

Our inventions save energy and make you healthier.


Save energy and stay healthy!

Ensavid is an engineering company based in Poland. We develop inventions related to transportation and energy production. We sell licenses to use our inventions and cooperate in their implementation.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Albert Einstein


Ensavid creates products and technologies that can be easily implemented and distributed on a large scale, allowing them to reach a wide customer base and generate significant revenue.


SH Engine

Lightweight and efficient Symmetric Hypocycloidal Engine – saves up to 20% fuel


No-tilt sail

Sail that does not make the ship tilt – if it is large enough, it can save any amount of fuel consumed by the ship 


Partition turbine

Turbine that is designed in such a way that even a minimum temperature difference is enough for it to generate energy



Shape-me-bike is a bicycle driven by the upper body muscles of the cyclist

wizualizacja wirnik x2

Funnel rotor

Funnel rotor designed to extend the hovering time of the rotorcraft on one battery charge.


Two-form bike

 Convertible uprigth or recumbent bicycle


We have new ideas every day.

Funnel rotor

We introduce the funnel rotor. It is designed to extend the hovering time of the rotorcraft on one battery charge. More.

Shape-me-bike transmission prototype

A prototype of shape-me-bike’s transmission has just arrived.

We are hiring

EDIT: the recruitment is over. Ensavid is recruiting candidates to work as a researcher. Location: remote. The work will include searching the Internet for information

SH Engine

SH Engine stands for Symmetric Hypocycloidal Engine. It is light, frictionless internal combusion engine. Due to lack of friction between its piston and its cylinder,

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