About Us

Ensavid stands for energy saving ideas.

We are an engineering startup based in Poland. We develop inventions related to saving energy, obtain patents for them, and provide support to companies that apply these inventions. We focus on transportation and energy production.

The founder of Ensavid is Paweł Wawrzyński, PhD, DSc.

Paweł Wawrzyński, PhD, DSc, has been a scientist and inventor for two decades. His research covered artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks and power engineering. He was the author of over 50 scientific papers. These include articles in leading AI venues such as Neural Networks, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, and the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. He also holds 4 patents and is the author of 5 pending patent applications.

Ensavid’s business IDs:
NIP 5222290099
REGON 523272771

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